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Does it feels like every manufacturer, supplier, ad rep and even some customers are stabbing you in the back every day. I know how you feel because I own sewing and vacuum stores also. I have felt the effect of Costco, QVC and the internet offering deals that makes it impossible for us to provide superior service and make money. I feel your pain every day just like you do but I’m not going to sit around and let them kill my business.

I am looking away from our industry to find ways to make money. Is it hard? Sure it is but it is worth it. No one is not going to pay your bills but you. I need fresh new ways to get customers into my store and buying products from me not the internet or any of the other big box stores and I have found them.

Let’s face it. The manufacturers need to sell product. If you make money that’s OK. I'm not complaining, that's just the facts that we have to learn to live with. 

That is why I am putting on the meeting of top sewing and vacuum dealers in the country and I want you there. I have assembled a comprehensive group of absolutely top notch speakers and teachers to share new money making ideas with you. We will have workshops, group discussions and “what works” show and tells with some of the most successful people I know. They will present NEW opportunities, discoveries and strategies to challenge you with a bigger and better vision for your future, to introduce you to people already blazing the trail to the goals you aspire to and to send you home newly empowered to dramatically increase your income.

Here are some of the presenters that will be at the 2010 Ultimate Profit Explosion Boot Camp:

Define Your Life On Your Terms

Bob Holdsworth says that, every business owner he has ever met, or worked with over the last 22 years wants the same three Ultimate Outcomes!.... A LUCRATIVE business, MORE TIME with family and a SUPERIOR lifestyle. In more than 89% of
businesses, at least one of these three things is way out of whack.

Is your business great, but there’s no personal time or is there lots of personal time because business stinks or is business good and there’s time for family, but the
satisfaction and lifestyle is not what you really want? If you answer yes to any of these situations, you need to attend Bob’s hands on workshop at the Boot Camp on how to get started.

You will learn how to apply the powerful secrets of Bob’s D3 Wealth Building Systemsm. Discover how to reset your business, regardless of it’s age, to achieve what you really want in life, Assess your own management styles and skills to discover what might be holding you back and develop the framework of a personal Blueprint for Personal Success, an action plan to put all of the principles discussed to use in your business.

Bob is a veteran entrepreneur and business, marketing and life coach.  He has built a multi-million dollar service business, enjoys lots of family time, takes several vacations a year and lives his version of a successful entrepreneurial life. His oldest, personally owned business, has enjoyed a 30% market share and 93% client retention rate for the business’ entire 22 year history. As General Manager he grew a multi-million dollar private ambulance company 418% in just 36 months. While working with a large Fortune 500 company’s new product division he was able to save them over $5 million dollars in R&D costs in a six hour meeting. He has worked with clients in more than 48 industries over the last 20 years helping them achieve success on their own terms. He has had the good fortune to have presented seminars coast-to-coast and internationally on the subject of marketing, leadership and business development. He has had the privilege to work with a wide variety of organizations all across the country working closely with more than 800 organizations and trained more than 6,300 folks in the fine art of strategic business planning, leadership, marketing effectiveness, teambuilding, putting family first and the process of turning new customers into long term clients.
Social Media 101 
If You Think Social Media is a Fad… You’re Dead Wrong! Take the Mystery Out Of Social Media: Julia Kline is one of the leading national experts on social media marketing for small business.  Known as the Social Media Diva, she has over 12,000 followers and will show you how you can make Social Media work for you in your business.

Julia works with small and large business, showing them how to tap into the “New Media” in effective ways that make you money. Don’t miss your customers. The biggest growing number of users on Facebook is women 35-65 with HHI of $70,000+ . The your customer!

Recruiting And Hiring For Your Small Business

Finding the right employees can make or break your small business.  We all have stories of that nightmare employee who brought our business to its knees.  It doesn’t have to be that way. Barry Shamis has been working with business owners for more than 35 years showing them how to find and hire great employees.  And just as important, how to avoid those costly hiring mistakes.

In this information packed presentation you will learn how to avoid the most common interviewing problems, sift through the masses and spend your time with the best candidates, find great employees faster and for less money, ask the right questions so you get the information you need, tell if a candidate is lying to you …every time and predict success before you hire the person.

Based on proven, real-world strategies, the information you walk away with can be put to use immediately.  You won’t be bogged down with a bunch of theory or useless “corporate-speak”. Barry Shamis has worked with hundreds of companies and coached thousands of executives and business owners on the subjects of attracting, selecting and keeping top performers.  His clients include organizations from Fortune 100 to some of the fastest growing companies in the world.  He has worked with organizations from almost every industry.
Barry Shamis is an entrepreneur, author of three books and dozens of articles, a trainer and an internationally sought after speaker.   He is the author of the critically acclaimed hiring system, “The Small Business Guide to Recruiting and Hiring Success” and the best selling programs, “How to Hire the Perfect Salesperson” and “How to Hire The Perfect Administrative Assistant”. He has educated and entertained more than 1500 audiences in over 50 countries with his message of Selecting Winners.  In addition, he has been a guest lecturer at the University of California at Berkeley and St. Marys College. 

Barry Shamis has been featured on ABC News 20/20 program and in the Wall Street Journal.  Barry Shamis is simply one of the most sought-after experts on the subjects of recruiting, hiring and retention.

Video So Easy A Caveman Could Do It
How can a retail sewing or vacuum business profit from using video, the latest most powerful marketing tool available, when video is viewed by most as being too difficult to make yourself, or too expensive to hire a professional?  Ron Sheetz has become nationally recognized as The Video Marketing Expert.  Ron will show you how to turn the video camera you already own and the software you already have on your computer into a video marketing machine without having any technical knowledge of shooting or editing video… and for absolutely no investment to you. At his workshop, Ron Sheetz will actually make and upload a video live!

Ron’s techniques and strategies are getting businesses significantly high response to their marketing, as much as 80%.  That translates into sales! In this boot camp Ron will demonstrate, using a simple video camera, how you can create your own videos, get them online and reach your customers fast.

“How Can You make Your Store Look Better and Sell More Stuff?”

You won’t want to miss this session with Tom Proctor. He has been through all aspects of our retail business for years. Tom has lots of practical experience in store design that turns small sales into extra cash! He is eager to share with you great store layout designs and strategies that you can take home and use right away to sell product in your store. He will also be showing you lots of pictures and is willing to take a couple of store layouts and display designs and critique them. If you are interested in getting Tom’s expert advice as well as feedback from the top dealers in our industry. This is going to be a lot of fun and we can all learn from each other.  Send me your store pictures to Howard@LongViewRetail.com .

“You Can Stand Out!”

Do you have challenges in your advertising? Do you wonder if your advertising dollars are well spent? Do your promotions work? Do you have problems filling events and making sales pay? Keith Lee will show you how any promotion can achieve two to three times the return on your investment.

Your potential customers are bored with the marketing and advertising they see.  And they see a lot of it these days.  It’s estimated that most people see over 3,100 advertising messages each day, and that number is only going up. People love to be entertained.  Keith will show you entertaining ways to get your prospect or customer involved!  When you actively involve your prospects, they’ll stay with your mailing longer, and any good salesman knows the more time you spend with your prospect, the more of your story you can tell, and the more you can sell! 

When you tie your sales message to what Keith will be sharing,  you’ll entertain your prospects and customers, keep them involved and sell more. People are eager for a ‘personal’ approach to selling.  They don’t want to part of the masses.  They want to be singled out amongst the throng and Keith Lee will show you how you can do that.

Why Attending The Ultimate Profit Explosion Boot Camp Is
THE Mandatory PLACE For Every Sewing And/Or Vacuum Dealer

  • This is THE ONLY PLACE where the “elite” most successful sewing and vacuum dealers meet.
  • This is THE ONLY PLACE to learn how to rise above the recession.
  • This is THE ONLY PLACE where for multiple days you will get to immerse yourself into marketing and money making, being exposed to the highest quality, variety of what is working.
  • This is THE ONLY PLACE where you can meet the person, make the contact, unearth the opportunity or get the idea that literally changes your life.
  • This is THE ONLY PLACE where you can invest in yourself.

I know that via this Boot Camp, I can and will give you at least a $25,000.00 “raise” in the next 12 months. Many do better. But there is a lot more to this “Boot Camp experience” than just going home afterwards and making money. Boot Camp attendees enjoy an intense, exciting, uplifting three days that give them renewed pride and enthusiasm for their business. You leave able to grab control of your business and make it serve you, rather that you being bossed around by it. You not only get a better business, you get a better lifestyle.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: You will meet and talk with sewing and vacuum business owners from big cities and small towns all over the country, some with big businesses, some with small businesses, some who went from struggle to prosperity, some still struggling to get all the pieces put together, and some with huge incomes, some who’ve increased their earnings while taking more time off that ever before for family or personal interests.

The Ultimate Profit Explosion Boot Camp “experience” really does change lives. I hope this will be the year that you share in it. I hope you won’t miss it.

Howard Anderson

The 2010 Ultimate Profit Explosion Boot Camp
September 20-22, 2010 in Atlanta,GA Sheraton Gateway

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