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“Howard, Thank you so much for everything. I can’t begin to properly indicate all that you have done for me and my family. Feel free to use my comments.”          Charles Moore House of Vacuums Tulsa, OK





“Howard provided excellent guidance, moving us forward approximately 5 years beyond what I could have done on my own. We will gross significantly more revenue from each portion of our business based upon Howard's recommendations and implementation. He took interest in our success and approached it as a business partner with a vested interest in seeing us succeed.







Service revenue will at a minimum double over the course of a year resulting in an increase of approximately 10% in total revenue. with no increase in expense which will result in additional profitable cash flow to the bottom line. I expect to add 15% more in machine sales revenue by implementing the pricing and trade in program advocated by Howard.







Our biggest improvement came in our service and parts pricing. Those changes will result in immediate improvement to our bottom line today, which will give us cash flow improvement so that we may implement additional programs to improve the overall business moving forward.







Howard is a trusted resource that has so many ideas that would help any store do better. Implementing his programs will provide you with an easy to follow method to make more money from the business you already have, while developing the tools that will help increase the business you strive to achieve







Howard provided an immediate impact to our business. In a year full of good choices, hiring Howard was by far the best decision I made. My only regret is that I didn't hire Howard earlier.” Charles Moore House of Vacuums Tulsa, OK










To Whom It May Concern: 


The smartest move I made when I opened my quilt shop was to hire Long View Retail Consulting and Howard Anderson.  I originally needed help with the computer program I purchased, but I picked Howard’s brain the whole time he was here.  He altered my floor plan for the better, gave me invaluable guidance about my product mix and encouraged me in stocking several categories which are very productive to this day. He suggested ways in which I might seek future growth and in general gave me a larger context in which to view my business.  Many small sewing/fabric businesses aren’t successful and many are successful in spite of themselves or in a way that is impossible to duplicate.  Howard gave me common sense advice that worked for me.  He was patient and respectful and very professional.




Since I started, two fabric stores in this area have opened and closed and two are facing closing.  Much of this could have been avoided if they had hired Howard.







Mary Anne Henderson Red Hen Fabrics

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