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Make $20,000 More of Running a Successful Repair Department

Just Added at No Additional Cost.

  1. New Training DVD on how to easily implement the Service Program with Bonus Session "Your Phone is Your Gateway" a $397 value. Use for new employee training or as a brush-up.
  2. Employee Training Manual. Designed to act a re-enforcement of the DVD Training.

Do you want to make more money in your repair department?

How about $20,000.00 more in the next 12 months? That is what this manual will do for you by increasing your average repair by at least $20. See my guarantee below.

There are only two ways to make more money in this business, one is to get more customers and the other is to get more money from every customer you have. This manual gives you many tested and proven ways to do that.

It starts with how to answer the phone in ways that brings the caller into your store that anyone can follow. With a detailed phone script, it shows you how to easily change the price shopper into your customer.

Then it shows you how to greet the customer in ways that helps you service them better and makes your more profitable. There are complete step by step instructions on what questions to ask, and how even a novice can estimate the price of a service in a way that makes you more money.

We were scared to death of raising our service prices and it took six months to get up the nerve. We were certain that we would loose all of our customers. Last month we took your service price list and copied it word for word.

Guess what? Only 2 customers walked out the door during the month. Everyone else is paying the new rates without question or complaint.


Ed Normandy
Vacs Etc. Mountain Home, Arkansas

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Would you like to make money for doing virtually nothing?

The Big Box stores sell extended service agreements and make a boat load of money off of them. I have included four tested and proven programs for both sewing machines and vacuums that I have been using for over ten years that routinely gives me over $10,000.00 a month in extra profit for doing virtually nothing.  

None of that will make you money if you don't have customers. In the manual there are examples of ads, email and direct marketing strategies that you can start using right away in your business to drive customers back into your store.

We have been using Howard’s repair system for over 2 years. Not only has made it easier to receive in repairs from customers, we have increased our average service price by $32.57. The new manual that Howard has created covers all the questions in detail that any store would have. I highly recommend it. 

This system has added thousands of $$$to our bottom line. Thank you Howard!

Brad Faber
Discover Sewing Atlanta GA

My 100% Guarantee to You!

If you purchace the Unlock the Secrets to Running a Successful Repair Department and it isn't working for you, I will personally work with you on the phone to try to see what you are missing.

Then, if after one year you are not 100% satisfied with the investment you have made, I will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked. 

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